“During the past 3 centuries human population has increased tenfold to 6000 million and fourfold in the 20th century

• Cattle population increased to 1400 million (one cow/family) by a factor of 4 during the past century

• There are currently some 20 billion (20,000 million) of farm animals worldwide

• Urbanisation grew more than tenfold in the past century almost half of the people live in cities and megacities

• Industrial output increased 40 times during the past century; energy use 16 times

• Almost 50 % of the land surface has been transformed by human action”

Paul Crutzen

Dutch Nobel prize winning atmospheric chemist***

“Fish catch increased 40 times

• The release of SO2 (110 Tg/year) by coal and oil burning is at least twice the sum of all natural emissions;

over land the increase has been 7 fold, causing acid rain, health effects, poor visibility and climate changes due to sulfate aerosols

• Releases of NO to the atmosphere from fossil fuel and biomass burning is larger than its natural inputs, causing regional high surface ozone levels

• Several climatically important ”greenhouse gases” have substantially increased in the atmosphere, eg.

CO2 by 40 %, CH4 by more than 100 %.”

Paul Crutzen

Dutch Nobel prize winning atmospheric chemist***

“Water use increased 9 fold during the past century to 800 m3 per capita / year;

65 % for irrigation, 25 % industry, ~10 % households

It takes 20, 000 litres of water to grow 1 kilo of coffee

11,000 litres of water to make a quarter pounder

5,000 litres of water to make 1 kilo of cheese

1 kg meat → 16000 litres of water

1 kg grain → 1000 litres of water”

Paul Crutzen

Dutch Nobel prize winning atmospheric chemist

Воєнна доктрина РФ в переліку загроз містить розширення НАТО і нарощування можливостей США та альнсу в цілому..*** У Стратегії Національної безпеки США дії Росії кваліфіковані як агресія що потребує протидії.. *** Росія реформує силові структури: відбувається створення Федеральної служби військ Національної Гвардії на базі Внутрішніх військ МВС, Федеральної міграційної служби та Федеральної служби контролю обігу наркотиків.. *** Глави оборонних відомств країн ЄС погодили новий план оборони і безпеки та домовилися створити новий штаб і спільні сили швидкого реагування.. ***

Утверждена 26 декабря 2014 года

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cyber securityEugenia Sadovska

     According to the trends in the policies of leading states towards countering threats in cyber-space; and to the internal information policy change of these states, as well as to the increasing problem of cyber-security, most countries in the world are modernizing their security sectors in accordance with modern challenges, and, in particular, paying attention to the potential of the Internet for use in military purposes. 

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Утверждена главами государств и правительств стран-членов НАТО в Лиссабоне 19.11.2010

(Неофициальный перевод Постпредства России при НАТО)

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Adopted by Heads of State and Government in Lisbon 19.11.2010

Файл в форматі PDF (англ. мовою)


Sharon L. Caudle (Texas A&M University) andStephan de Spiegeleire (The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies): This article presents early observations from the experiences of two early adapters of a new generation of national security strategies, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The new strategies are broader in scope in addressing security challenges and are “whole of government,” even increasingly “whole of society” in nature. The strategy development process takes advantage of new mechanisms whereby governments can sense and prioritize quickly changing security challenges, adaptively plan for those challenges, and anchor the strategies in regular policy and budget cycles.

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