“During the past 3 centuries human population has increased tenfold to 6000 million and fourfold in the 20th century

• Cattle population increased to 1400 million (one cow/family) by a factor of 4 during the past century

• There are currently some 20 billion (20,000 million) of farm animals worldwide

• Urbanisation grew more than tenfold in the past century almost half of the people live in cities and megacities

• Industrial output increased 40 times during the past century; energy use 16 times

• Almost 50 % of the land surface has been transformed by human action”

Paul Crutzen

Dutch Nobel prize winning atmospheric chemist***

“Fish catch increased 40 times

• The release of SO2 (110 Tg/year) by coal and oil burning is at least twice the sum of all natural emissions;

over land the increase has been 7 fold, causing acid rain, health effects, poor visibility and climate changes due to sulfate aerosols

• Releases of NO to the atmosphere from fossil fuel and biomass burning is larger than its natural inputs, causing regional high surface ozone levels

• Several climatically important ”greenhouse gases” have substantially increased in the atmosphere, eg.

CO2 by 40 %, CH4 by more than 100 %.”

Paul Crutzen

Dutch Nobel prize winning atmospheric chemist***

“Water use increased 9 fold during the past century to 800 m3 per capita / year;

65 % for irrigation, 25 % industry, ~10 % households

It takes 20, 000 litres of water to grow 1 kilo of coffee

11,000 litres of water to make a quarter pounder

5,000 litres of water to make 1 kilo of cheese

1 kg meat → 16000 litres of water

1 kg grain → 1000 litres of water”

Paul Crutzen

Dutch Nobel prize winning atmospheric chemist

Воєнна доктрина РФ в переліку загроз містить розширення НАТО і нарощування можливостей США та альянсу в цілому..***У Стратегії Національної безпеки США дії Росії кваліфіковані як агресія що потребує протидії.. ***Глави оборонних відомств країн ЄС погодили новий план оборони і безпеки та домовилися створити новий штаб і спільні сили швидкого реагування..***Євросоюз створить новий Генеральний директорат з питань оборони, промисловості та космосу для допомоги у фінансуванні, розвитку та розгортанні збройних сил..***



04050, м. Київ, вул. Мельникова, 81.

+380 (44) 405-98-05

Пошт. Скр.
Реєстрація об’єднання громадян.
26.09.2007, № 0131-2007г.о.
Ідент. Код. Юр. Особи
Дата держ. реєстр. 31.10.2007.

Поточний рахунок
№ 26003053114054 в Київському ГРУ «ПриватБанку», МФО 321842, код ЗКПО 14359302

«Association of Development and Security» (Ukraine) (the Ukrainian name is "Асоціація розвитку та безпеки" - АРБ) was established by a team of international and national security specialists with an experience of work in public administration, scientific and research institutions, diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad, companies and institutions with different kind of ownership and business areas.

Organization was registered in the Department of Justice in Kiev on 26 September 2007, certificate of registration № 0131-2007 Г.О.

The Charter of Organization (as amended) is approved by the Order of Head of Justice Department in Kiev, dated on 06.10.2010, № 151/02.

Under the Charter, Association is a non-commercial and non-profit public organization established with the aim to promote civil society development by informing on its vital interests.

The main tasks of Association are:

  • monitoring geopolitical concepts and strategies of leading countries;
  • analyzing the modern systems of innovative development;
  • studying developments and trends in transformation of world order;
  • indentifying threats to vital interests of society.

The idea to found Association emerged on the basis of clear understanding of the importance of consolidating the efforts of experts, members of academia and civil society organizations to analyze existing problems in the area of national security of Ukraine, to find effective ways to ensure sustainable and innovative development of the State and society.

We believe that in a democratic society conscious citizens, who have the appropriate capacity, cannot remain aside of processes taking place in the country, especially in such important areas as security and development.

Moreover, in our opinion, it is particularly NGOs, which are financially and politically unbiased, can be useful to the state in terms of having possibilities to conduct objective and independent analysis of the processes taking place in and around Ukraine, and to make appropriate recommendations to the authorities.

The key point of the Association’ approach to the national security problems is our deep conviction that these problems should be addressed at (and resolved) complexly (in package) - with the development issues.

As an example: what economic security of Ukraine we can talk about, if it’s economy does not develop properly and lags behind the economies of other countries? The answer is obvious.

That's why we focus on how to deal with these two important areas, using integrated approach, and this is one of the reasons why our organization is called "Association of Development and Security".

Therefore, we set the goal to promote the country in two areas: national security and development. Accordingly, the main forms of the Association activities are the information-analytical work and participation in development projects in the most important areas of society life.

The Association Development program and Working plans define the following main directions and forms of its activity in the short and medium terms:

1.   improving the structure and increasing information value of the Organization’ Web-site, which will contain information and analytical materials on these topics. Materials are published in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. Preparation of analytical materials for the section «DSA Overview» is carried out by the Association in its own, and also by means of involving experts from various institutions in Ukraine and abroad. Information materials for the sections "Development Issues" and "Security Problems" are selected via monitoring of the public available Ukrainian and foreign information sources and published in original.

2.   developing working contacts with state agencies and organizations in Ukraine, that focus their activities in the areas of responsibility of Association and are interested in establishing a fruitful cooperation with the relevant public institutions.

3.   involving into cooperation and developing partnership with other public organizations in Ukraine, if these relations can contribute to achievements of the stated goals of Association.

4.   establishing and maintaining contacts with foreign organizations and institutions (mostly - with the analytical and research centers) to study the best practice of other countries in these areas and to use it for the benefits of Ukraine.

5.   joining to the specific projects, which are implemented in Ukraine with the participation of international organizations, in particular, UN and EU, as well as some other alone states and non-governmental organizations, and which promote enhancing security and development of Ukraine.

So far, the Association’ working team consist of experienced scientists, including Doctors and Candidates of Sciences (PhD equivalent), experts in public administration, information and analytical support of the national security sector players, diplomats with rich experience of work in diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad, experts on international and national security issues, as well as specialists in various spheres of public and social development.

In general, knowledge and practical experience of our team members allow  us to fulfill mission and the stated tasks of Association at a highly professional level.

We are always open for fruitful cooperation and look forward to your support.


Head of the Board

Valerii Sadovskyi